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PART# LH 005


TOOLS NEEDED = 4mm Torx Drive Wrench.
  1. REMOVING FACTORY INSTALLED BEZEL: Push upward on the bottom of the plastic bezel, then pull upward and out from the tailgate panel. The plastic bezel tends to be brittle and is easily broken. Carefully remove the bezel so that painted surface of the tailgate is not damaged. The factory handle and latch assembly can now be accessed through the open area under the bezel.

  2. From the cargo back side of the tailgate, remove the Torx drive bolt on lower corner of the bolt hole pattern.

  3. INSTALLING THE TAILGATE LOCK ASSEMBLY: Insert the key into the lock cylinder. Hold the lock assembly by the key and insert it into the tailgate opening. Align the lock mounting bracket over the mounting hole in the tailgate. Hold the lock assembly firmly in place and install the mounting bolt through both brackets, and tighten. Recheck the installation to make sure the lock assembly locks and unlocks without binding before proceeding to the next step.

  4. Install the lock bezel by first inserting the lower half of the bezel into the tailgate opening and then pushing the upper half into place.


    Failure to follow the installation procedure as detailed above, will result in damage to the tailgate painted surface and/or a broken or a damaged lock bezel.

  5. The lock bezel is permanently installed after installation and impossible to remove without damage to the tailgate and / or bezel. Recheck operation of the tailgate lock to complete the installation.

Retain Key Code Tag Located On Key Ring, In A Safe Place For Future Reference.

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